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Antioxidants Applications Group Products
Rosemary extract with a high content of carnosic acid, is used in many food products as a valuable natural antioxidant, which has allowed the replacement of chemical antioxidants.
Ingredientes Naturales Seleccionados, S.L., Ingrenat, is located in the region of Murcia, Spain. A pioneer in the development and marketing of paprika oleoresin since the nineteenth century. It has a wide range of oleoresin paprika, spice extracts, including Mediterranean spices such as rosemary. It has a solid base of national and international clients in Europe, USA and Asia.
Biotécnica Catalina C.A. imports and distributes raw materials for the Venezuela Food Industry since 1999. It belongs to a conglomerate of companies since 1977 takes place in the areas of import, agriculture and services. Establish solid long-term relationships with clients throughout Venezuela, offering appropriate solutions of the highest quality.
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